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Pico Rivera

Chilaquiles Choix C/Carne


Chilaquiles estilo Choix, Sinaloa, dos huevos con salsa roja o verde, aguacate, carne, crema, queso cotija y tortillas echas a mano. 

Savory Mexican style chilaquiles with your choice of salsa roja or verde. 
Served with two eggs, topped with avocado, steak, sour cream, cotija cheese and handmade tortillas.

Temp Mods:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Sauce Mods:Red Sauce Green Sauce
Egg Option:Sunny SIde Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Scrambled Egg Whites +2.99No Eggs
Chilaquiles Mods:No Crema Blanca No Queso Cotija No Queso Monterey No Aguacate No Tomate No Cebolla No Cilantro Extra Crema +1Extra Queso Cotija +1.99Extra Queso Monterey +1.99Extra Aguacate +1.99Extra Cilantro Add Pollo +6.99
Chilaquiles Protein Mod:Steak Sub Pollo

Pico Rivera

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